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Hi, I'm new to this community so yea.....

I need help. I have drawn some puffs and I don't have the right program on my computer to make them. SO, could someone please help me by making them??? 


Some notes:
- If Ryan's left arm looks like it's a different colour to his right...you're correct...I wasn't thinking when I coloured it in (I twinked it out when I could have rubbed it out...so stupid) so just keep it white.
- Brendon's eyes are dark brown, Ryan and Jon's are Hazel and Spencer's are blue (if you know what the actual colours are, then feel free to change it)
- Jon's tie is purple and Brendon's blouse has frills ^^;

I also have another bunch of puffs that need making. They're Avatar: The Last Airbender puffs and they're based on pictures drawn by irrel...it would be better if you watched Avvy...but if you don't, it's fine. 


Some notes:
- Yes, 'tis an emo Zuko...I love irrel for coming up with it ^^
- Jet's eyes are dark brown, Katara's are bright blue, and Zuko's are...amber? Hazel? I don't know...
- Katara is...dark skinned (I'm not being racist here)

If you wanna see the pics I based my puffs on, go here: http://clix.to/theau 
Go to fanart and it's the fifth picture down.

My drawing isn't up to scratch ^^; but you know...I'm no artist...

So...please help...make them on the computer for me...they're a little present for my best friend ^^

Jess xoxo
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