Angelica (hewtab) wrote in inspired_puffs,


I hate shameless self promotion but I am faced with a bit of an economical crisis at the moment and need some fast cash pronto. So I'm just re-pimping my pins.

Want some original Dramione? How about Snarry? Anime!Puffs? A puff portrait perhaps?

I'm taking Puff commissions just $5.00 each. References needed for original characters and portraits.

Don't want digital art? No problem! Puff sketches for $5.00 (and a dollar for shipping costs). References needed.

Don't like puffs? (what are you doing here?) Taking normal fan art commissions as well (just characters for now, no backgrounds). Want the actual drawing to hang on your wall? No problem! Just $7.00 each. References needed.

Comment if you are interested or email me at

If you can't/don't want to buy a pin, please consider a tiny donation?

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